Chapel Hill Town Council Scored Votes: Jay Street and Trinity Court

On Wednesday, April 25, the Chapel Hill Town Council voted 8-1 to approve applications to build two affordable housing projects in Chapel Hill. Together, these projects will provide 100 apartments for individuals and families making between 30 and 80 percent of the Average Median Income in Chapel Hill.

These projects were approved in just five months because the Town choose to use an expedited review process. We applaud the use of this process for affordable house, and look forward to future projects that do the same.

NEXT wrote a letter of support for the Jay Street project in May 2021, and indicated on social media our strong support for both projects in advance of the April 25 meeting.

The following council members voted FOR these two proposed developments:

Mayor Pam Hemminger

Karen Stegman

Jess Anderson

Camille Berry

Tai Huynh

Paris Miller Foushee

Michael Parker

Amy Ryan

The following council members voted AGAINST these two proposed developments:

Adam Searing

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